A note to our volunteers during COVID-19

Dear Volunteers,

The team at Build Your Smile Dental Foundation would like to take a moment to appreciate you and all of the efforts that you have made in your volunteer activities, whether at home or abroad.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support – not only of the Foundation – but also your support of the worldwide efforts to battle COVID-19. At this time we are all doing our part – whether that means staying home or seeing patients on an emergency basis.

The Foundation has donated surplus PPE to hospitals and police stations in Toronto, Ontario. Our thoughts are with all of those who are directly and indirectly involved in fighting the virus.

Our Foundation has not stopped in our mission to provide smiles to those in need. We are currently watching and waiting to hear what global guidelines will allow but are eagerly awaiting the time when we can safely run our trips again. In the meantime, we hope that you will consider volunteering your time and efforts, when we are cleared to return to work, by providing smiles to your local communities.

We are excited to announce the expansion of the Build Your Smile Dental Foundation Domestic Programme, which provides services to those in need in our own local jurisdictions. More information will be released shortly, but we welcome your input about how you see including such a program in your practice, tailored to your community.

In the meantime, continue staying strong during this time. Remember to wash your hands and maintain your distance.

Yours in good health, Elyte

p.s. join us tomorrow morning (Tuesday, April 28) at 10:00 AM EST for a webinar presented by Mariela Gonzalez entitled ‘The New Work Environment: an HR Perspective’.

To register, please visit

p.p.s. on May 6th, 2020 we are involved in a webinar presented by the American Prosthodontic Society called ‘The New Reality in Dentistry After the Pandemic: A Global Perspective”.

Registration is free at:

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