Build Your Smile Dental Foundation Success Story: Meet Anita!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

At the Build Your Smile Dental Foundation we are always finding reasons to smile, whether in Toronto or in Uganda. We are so grateful to receive stories like this one from the dental officers we have trained during our various trips. Treatment shouldn’t differ based on location – because smiles have no borders.

Meet 13-year-old Anita. She lives in Uganda with her parents, and three younger siblings. One day she was walking to school and was knocked down by a speeding motorcycle, knocking out her two front teeth. Her life has changed drastically since the accident – her academic performance has declined, and she began to be bullied in school. Her classmates began calling her ‘mapengo,’ which means ‘the one without teeth.’ Being from a poor family, Anita and her parents were unaware that this problem is entirely fixable.

Before: Anita in Uganda

Bruce is an active participant in our programming and is a dental officer in Uganda. He met Anita at a party and noticed that she refused to smile. Bruce explained to Anita and her parents that there was an easy solution to bring Anita’s smile best, and most importantly, it could be done completely for FREE! They made an appointment, and Anita received a denture. Now she can’t stop smiling.

After: Anita in Uganda

This is why we do what we do. This is why education is so important. The work that the Build Your Smile Dental Foundation does is only good and meaningful if it can continue in our absence. We are so delighted to see this case where it has done just that. It is the education aspect of our outreach trips that differentiate us from other volunteer trips. And it is this component that is changing more lives than we can reach during our week-long time on the ground in Uganda. Thank you Bruce for forever changing Anita’s life!


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