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The Soft Foods Diet

The Soft Foods Diet is a unique nutritional approach that focuses on incorporating a whole-foods diet approach when recovering from oral surgeries or when one is unable to eat hard or solid foods. The Soft Foods Diet ensures that one is still able to maximize their health and nutrition while enjoying a comforting and flavorful diet. Gone are the days of consuming overly processed, nutritionally lacking foods - say hello to the Soft Foods Diet!

The Soft Foods Diet is based on a variety of holistically minded nutrition principles, including a focus on whole foods, local and organic production, and eating for your ancestry. The program can be customized to suit individual dietary needs.

The Soft Foods Diet can be incorporated into your life in a variety of ways. The program can be tailored for the individual or can be taught to dental health professionals to improve upon the services they can provide to their patients.

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For a limited time, all proceeds from the digital purchase of The Soft Food Diet cookbook will be donated to the Build Your Smile Dental Foundation. 

If you are interested in learning how The Soft Foods Diet can be incorporated into your life or your dental practice, or if you would like to order a physical copy of the cookbook, please email  

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